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Collaborative Spaces

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Project Overview

This Natural Exploratorium combines the natural with the artificial, creating a space that reconnects the digital world with our playful roots. With self-driven interactions and a calculated pathway via connected stream, this play space is catered specifically to gradual experience design.


  • Celebrate the connections we are able to make with ourselves, as well as the re-connections we are only able to fully realize after experiencing periods of quiet.

  • Creates a sense of curiosity that reinforce childhood wonder

  • Merge the digital and physical worlds using interactive elements

4 weeks

Figma, SketchUp, Procreate


Experience Design,
Concept developing, 

Bryce Li, Shannon Lin,
Emily Liu

Development of Tree Room (Gathering Space)

Final Tree Room Concept.png

Click and hold to move


The Tree room is a space for quiet reflection and small conversation. This space will combine elements from all the rooms before it, making the finale of the experience. Visitors can choose to interact with the room individually or they can gather to chat in the seating areas if they choose. 


A waterfront is an ideal location because it is a space of continuous foot traffic and natural solitude.


Audience is targeted to individuals 18-22 years old who want reconnection.


As the projected fish guides the visitor into the tree room, the glass covered stream is uncovered and the water is open. The fish enters the pond in the center of the room, and the visitor can touch the water and watch the fish swim around. Upon walking up the stairs, a motion sensor will detect the visitor and make the lights on the tree glow. As more people enter the space, the lights glow stronger.



  1. New innovative technologies are having an impact on learning and engagement within art museums

  2. Interactive Museums utilize motion detecting technologies to alter the environment

  3. TeamLab: digital artists who create exhibits that interact with visitors

Interaction Ideation

Untitled_Artwork 131.JPG
Untitled_Artwork 130.JPG

Thinking about the goals of the project, I came up with multiple ideas of how connection can foster change in the physical environment. Allowing for people to feel connected with each other through physical presence intrigued me, and I decided to base my interaction off of this.

The main tree in the room will change color and blossom as more individuals enter the space.

Technological Research

Untitled_Artwork 120.jpg

SketchUp Modeling


Motion sensors will detect when people enter the second floor. This will trigger the lights hanging from the tree to glow. As people settle in, the lights will fade and allow them to see the stars. The moving fish will be projected onto the pond from a ceiling projector that will be in the center of a rain maker. The rainmaker is essentially just a series of water droppers that turn on and off randomly to give the effect of rain.

Ideating Physical Spaces

Untitled_Artwork 132.JPG
Frame 3.png
Untitled_Artwork 147.jpg

First-Person View

Untitled_Artwork 142 copy.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 144.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 158.jpg

Storyboard for Interaction

Untitled_Artwork 143.jpg

Visitor Path and Floorplan


Screen Shot 2021-05-22 at 9.14.54 PM.png
Floor plan and Visitor pathway.png
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