Adobe - Overcoming Editing Bottlenecks

During the summer of 2023, I had the privilege of interning at Adobe, focusing on UX design within the Sales Operations division. Throughout my internship, I led two pivotal projects centered around overhauling applications crucial to supporting Adobe's sales team.

Project 1
The first project focused on refining user editing capabilities within an essential desktop tool for sales representatives. This redesign aimed to not only amplify but also sustain user engagement with the tool, ensuring its seamless integration with Adobe's sales department and other key departments.

Project 2
In the second project, I worked on a comprehensive revamp of core sales data analytics dashboards for desktop experiences. This encompassed a thorough redesign of data visualizations and the establishment of a streamlined, cohesive design system that implemented as a unified design system across various dashboards to bolstering sales workflow efficiency.


Summer 2023


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