Atelier Perfume is a mixed reality retail experience that extends into customer's homes to personalize and amplify the purchasing "high" and enhance the visual and sonic beauty in making yourself beautiful


Spring 2023


Physical computing



Concept development


Touch Designer

Leep Motion



Cinema 4D

Working with

Shannon Lin

Once Upon a Time...

Shannon and Chelsea went to a perfume store in Switzerland.

Once Upon a Time...

Upon returning to Pittsburgh, 
they laughed for 5 minutes straight at the artless Gucci Gardenia packaging.

Research Question

How can we create more wholistic branding using mixed reality in both the retail and home experience?


Repurpose packaging that incorporates play through olfactory senses and sound

STep 1

Choosing your scent

Scent of choice is 
detected by an RFID reader.

Registered information activates visual projection based on the chemical composition.
STep 2

The “Try Me!” moment

Motion tracking activates additional imagery and sound every time the customer “tries it on."
STep 3

Taking it home

Alternative packaging to simulate
 a similar interactive experience at home.

Pepper's ghost

The mixed reality aspect of the project utilizes the pepper's ghost effect to allow for a seamless experience. There is no video editing or projector involved!

Touch Designer & Leap Motion

To make the project work in real time, touch designer, a visual programming language, was used along with a leap motion, a motion tracking device.